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At HT Website Designs, we approach every objective with the same goal in mind: Maximize our impact on your project by tapping into the specific skills of each of our team members. We love what we do, and that is what truly sets us apart from our competitors. We do not use templates unless our client insists, this is why we use the term "Custom" when describing our website and branding projects.

Learn more and get to know our team below.

Tammy H.

Customer Engagement

With more than 20 years in support and sales, combined with her experience in the I.T. industry, Tammy brings a sense of urgency to every support need that comes across her desk.

Offering our valued clients the very best and long-lasting relationships is paramount to Tammy's direction for HT Website Designs.

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Rick H.

Project Coordinator / Web Designer / Developer

With 22 years in website design, network security, and desktop support, Rick brings a diverse host of technical knowledge to HT Website Designs. He has degrees in Visual Communications and Business Management.

Ensuring that each project meets careful scrutiny before going live is where Rick's focus is. Every detail matters.

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What Makes Us Different

HT Website Designs proudly designs custom websites on the Wix Platform. With more than 20 years of experience in the website design industry, we have the expertise and skillset that you should expect from a professional and custom website design firm. We offer our valued clients websites that truly set them apart from their competitors, by creating custom design work that is unique to their business and brand. We enable our clients to transcend the static prefabricated templates that other design firms build on so that we can bring expression and personality to their websites.​

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